Love & Marriage Classes by Dr. Alexandra Solomon

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Loving Bravely: A Relationship Readiness Course

“Thank you so much for everything that you do. I can’t begin to tell you know much I enjoyed the class. You have really inspired me to practice more self care and dig deeper to learn more about myself.”

“I have loved every single minute of the class. It has forced me to face my truths about intimate relationships. I feel a new sense of awareness and closer to finding what I really want in a relationship.”

Loving Bravely: A Relationship Readiness Course is a 6-session educational series for adults of any relationship status (single, dating, engaged, married, single again), taught at The Family Institute at Northwestern University. This course will help you expand your relational self-awareness — the cornerstone of a healthy intimate relationship. You will gain an understanding of your patterns, strengths, and weaknesses in intimate relationships. Tying together several mental health models, this program will help you develop a deeper understanding of who you are in your romantic relationships as well as how to handle emotional issues that emerge when you fall in love. Learn more…


Marriage 101 is an opportunity to study love! This undergraduate class at Northwestern University involves a weekly lecture on an aspect of sex, love, and marriage—for example, healthy dating, conflict management, the impact of culture on intimate relationships. There is also a weekly discussion section where small groups of students meet with a pair of graduate teaching assistants in order to apply course concepts more deeply to their own lives. In addition to traditional coursework like readings, papers, and quizzes, students also undertake experiential assignments. They keep a weekly self-reflection journal, and they interview the person or people who raised them in order to learn more about their love templates. Learn more…