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Three Fights that Mean it’s Time for Couples Therapy

If I had my way, couples would seek couples therapy early and often! Love is not easy. And for those of us who were raised by people who struggled in their intimate relationships, love can be downright tough! Couples therapy can be an amazing and healing place to sort through all of the sneaky ways […]
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Northwestern University Last Lecture June 2015

The world was introduced to the idea of core memories in Disney Pixar’s brilliant movie, Inside Out. Protagonist Riley’s core memories were precious and glowing orbs, kept in a place of honor in ‘Headquarters,’ and they held those memories that capture the essence of who Riley is. We all have core memories– those moments that […]

The Marriage 101 Course at Northwestern University

Every spring, I have the pleasure of teaching a course that truly is my passion, the course that lights me up year after year– Building loving and lasting relationships: Marriage 101. It is an undergraduate course offered through the School of Education and Social Policy (SESP) at Northwestern University. The course was created almost 20 […]